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Varia - Single Class Deck - Deathblood Sorcerer

Varia - Single Class Deck - Deathblood Sorcerer

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Deathblood Sorcerers are occult spellcasters who sacrifice health to unleash devastating assaults and empower a death magic that increases in effectiveness the closer its caster is to the grave.

Weaponize life and death with this powerful class experience. As a Deathblood Sorcerer, your own life becomes fuel as you funnel your blood into your magic and amplify both your initial spell
and the follow-up death magic assault.

Deck Difficulty: 1 out of 5 - Beginner Level

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Varia is a card & dice dueling game where players select from an array of fantasy-themed classes

Players take turns planning out a course of action before rolling dice to see whose tactics come out on top. by using a combination of weapons, armor and cards in hand, players concoct a plan of attack (or response to an incoming attack) each turn. The goal is to knock the other player's health points to zero through clever card combinations, while simultaneously preventing your own defeat by planning tactical defensive moves. 

Gameplay is divided into two major phases:
- The planning phase sees players laying out their actions for the turn, which represent attacks and blocks that the players will perform.
- The resolution phase has players rolling combinations of dice as dictated by the cards they played in the planning phase in order to determine what attacks hit or miss, and what damage (if any) is dealt or avoided.

What makes Varia unique is:
- Variance in card performance via introduction of dice.
- Distance mechanic that creates immersive ranged combat.
- No resource in deck.
- Players have equal resources each turn.
- No minions/summons/creatures.
- Every card represents something done to a player by a player.