Samurai vs. Ninja

On the distant realm known as Sandhya, two twin sisters are fated to duel to the death. Abha, the elder, fled her family’s home (and her birthright) to join a mercenary band known as the Blackfang Ninjas. Hera, the younger, stepped out of the shadows to become a samurai and serve as heir to Kin Mahal in her sister’s stead. This box will ask each player to become one sister, and decide their fate via the battle within. 


Open, Shuffle, Play

Samurai vs. Ninja introduces the Battle Box, a new product that will become the gold standard for how we expand Varia moving forward. Every Varia Battle Box will contain the following:

  • 2 class decks balanced to create a fair and interesting fight against each other.
    • Both classes will be legal in our Battle Tested format.
    • For this battle box, the two classes will be Sunrise Samurai and Sunset Ninja.
  • A product guidebook containing rules, a comic, and more.
  • 4 six-sided dice (two for each player).
  • 4 four-sided dice (two for each player).

Everything you need to start playing Varia with a friend is right there in the box!

The Way of the Blade

The Sunrise Samurai vs. Sunset Ninja set is great for both newer players and Varia veterans alike!


Sunrise Samurai - Katana in hand, you'll use stances to shift fluidly between offense and defense. If your opponent won't back down, quickly draw your blade and cut them down in a single stroke! 


Sunset Ninja - Kukri in hand, you’ll use moves that enable fluid misdirection, both offensive and defensive. If your opponent is reading all your moves, wield the power of darkness to throw them off, and cut them down!

Product Configuration

  • Product Name: Battle Box - Samurai vs. Ninja
  • Product Contents: Two Class Decks
    • Sunset Samurai
    • Sunset Ninja
  • Dice required for both players
  • Dice bag
  • Rules booklet and comic book
  • Format: Battle Ready (Pre-constructed decks)
  • Available Languages: English
  • MSRP: $29.99
  • Release Celebration Promo: available from eligible stores while supplies last